Womens Gym Leggings

For your next trip to the women’s gym leggings, you’re likely looking for something that’s sweat-wicking, fits like a second skin, and looks good. Ideally, the fabric is also soft and stretchy. And, of course, you don’t want to be stuck in a pair that rides up mid-squat.

A few months ago, we tested leggings for performance and comfort to find a few pairs that stand up to high-impact workouts. We took into account the leggings’ opacity and color, how the waistband sits, and whether they have a gusset in the crotch area to prevent riding up during movement. We also talked to fitness experts, including a trainer and two yoga instructors, about what they’re looking for in their workout leggings.

Elevate Your Workout Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Gym Leggings

One pair that caught our eye was the Everlane minimalist leggings, which are meant for lower-impact workouts like barre or yoga. According to our former fashion director Dena Silver, these are “super soft and stretchy.” However, she notes that the lighter colors show sweat marks, so they’re better suited for cold weather or if you wear light-colored workout tops.

Another pair that was well-liked is the ODODOS high-waisted leggings, which reviewers rave about for their softness and fit. They pass the squat test, and come in a variety of sizes. The only drawback, according to the reviews we read, is that they might be too tight for high-impact exercise and may ride up during movements.