Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who aim to make a difference in the world. They can do this by starting a nonprofit organization, raising money for a worthy cause, or by creating a business that helps people of different backgrounds gain independence and employment. For example, one social entrepreneur can start a restaurant for physically challenged people. The purpose of the restaurant is to give them an income, as well as teach them how to run their own business.

Craig Kielburger and the WE Movement

Unlike conventional entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs focus more on the well-being of other people. Their main responsibility is to create a profit, but the emphasis is on the welfare of the society. For example, Craig Kielburger, a syndicated columnist and human rights activist, founded Free The Children. The organization has built 650 schools around the world and educates more than 55,000 children daily. The Skoll Foundation has teamed up with Free The Children to create innovative educational programming for children in Canada and the United States.

The WE movement is a global network of social entrepreneurs. They’re a movement of ordinary people who are trying to make a difference in the world. The founder of Phin, a mobile financial technology company, has taken a sabbatical from the firm he grew up in to create his social enterprise. He was inspired by his sabbatical and grew into a successful entrepreneur. He also authored twelve books and authored a syndicated column.