Snapchat Ad Example – How to Design a Snapchat Ad That Stands Out

snapchat ad example

Snapchat ad example has a variety of unique ad formats that help you reach your marketing objectives. Use them in conjunction with creative that’s optimized for the platform to make sure your ad stands out and gets people swiping up.

Vivint Smart Home used a vertical video format to showcase their products and value proposition. They also took advantage of Snapchat’s ad delivery options to target their ad only to users who are traveling or dining out in a specific area. This approach helped them generate a 180% return on their ad spend and decrease their cost per lead and cost per system install.

SunExpress wanted to reconnect with their GenZ audiences in a way that didn’t feel like an ad. They designed a filter that was relevant to the places they were going and when, which made it more likely to get shared. They saw a 25% increase in engagement and increased awareness.

“Unlocking the Power of Discovery Ads: Strategies for Captivating Your Audience

A nature conservatory wanted to promote their new app. They used Story Ads, which let you feature a series of three to 20 Snaps in one ad in the Discover feed. It’s a great way to show off a collection of visuals and tell a story that will capture viewers’ attention. They focused on a clear and actionable CTA to drive swipe ups: “Install Now.” They also designed their ad to look like native content. This made it more likely to stand out in the Discover feed and feel less intrusive.