Online Dating Tips – 6 Ways to Be the Boss of Your Love Life

As an online dating coach, I work with people to create the strategy they need to become the boss of their own love lives. This involves unpacking their dating roadblocks and identifying behaviors that may be hindering their chances of finding a match. So, whether you’re just getting started or have been dating a while and are in need of some fresh inspiration, here are six online dating tips that I live by (and swear by).Check this out

1. Focus on One App

It’s tempting to sign up for a lot of different dating apps at once, but this approach will only bog down your time and reduce your chances of success. Instead, focus on a single app that best suits your needs — from the DTF hookup culture of Tinder to the more long-term aspirations of OkCupid.

2. Be Honest

Don’t hide your intentions when it comes to dating. Keeping secrets about what you want from your relationship will only lead to frustration, misunderstandings and disappointment. Plus, it’s not fair to your date!

3. Don’t Respond to Requests for Money

If you receive a request for financial help, no matter how convincing or compelling the reason, report it immediately to your dating site. You should also never agree to wire money or send cash to someone you’ve met online, especially if they say that they need it for something urgent. Instead, ask your date to meet in person as soon as possible so you can vet them and get a better idea of their true motives.