Land Rover Defender Wheels Review

land rover defender wheels

Land rover defender wheels

The new land rover defender wheels has a lot to offer buyers looking for the ultimate SUV. It offers cool off-road capabilities, a wealth of personalization options and a ruggedly impressive cabin.

It also offers excellent ride comfort and a wide array of practical features for the everyday driver. That’s why the Defender is so popular with off-roaders and seasoned SUV owners alike.

We’ve driven the Defender on some pretty tough terrain, from a mud pit in Namibia to an ice-covered lake in Sweden. The Defender’s air suspension results in a smooth ride that’s far more comfortable than its rivals.

Our test car was a four-cylinder 110, and it handled the challenges with remarkable skill. It was able to climb a 38-degree approach angle and descend a 40-degree descent – all on air.

Rolling in Style: A Guide to Land Rover Defender Wheels and Tires

You can’t fit a rear-facing child seat in the Defender’s first row, but it does have good visibility and plenty of front legroom. It also offers a boxy shape that makes the cargo area feel spacious and less claustrophobic than other three-row luxury SUVs.

Besides its off-road prowess, the Defender has an appealing interior that blends premium design elements with utilitarian touches. A magnesium beam runs the full width of the dashboard, exposed rivets in the door panels add a rough-and-ready aesthetic and there are numerous bins for small items throughout the cabin.

We especially liked the large touchscreen that controls everything from infotainment to the climate control system. There are also a bunch of dials under the display that are incredibly multi-purpose. They adjust everything from the air speed to the off-road mode and even the temperature of the seats.