How to Get Started Selling CBD Online

cbd online

The cbd online industry is poised for exponential growth. A study by Grandview Research estimates the global market will expand at a compound annual rate of 22.2% between 2019 and 2025, making cbd online a lucrative opportunity for businesses that can offer consumers an easy-to-use platform to purchase products that may help them feel calmer, sleep better or fight chronic pain.

CBD’s psychoactive effects are negligible and it’s safe for most people to use. This makes the supplement a popular choice for patients with anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia as well as chronic pain from conditions such as cancer, arthritis and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

To attract and convert customers, CBD brands need to differentiate their products and build trust with a clear focus on the results their products can achieve. In fact, 24% of CBD users name product effectiveness as their primary purchasing driver.

“The Ultimate Guide to Buying CBD Online: Tips, Safety Measures, and Best Practices

However, the ecommerce landscape can be challenging for new entrants. Many major social media platforms and payment processors exclude CBD sellers due to the ongoing regulatory debacle, but there are still a variety of ways to reach and market to potential buyers.

As with any retail business, it’s vital to establish a foundation of solid financials and compliance. That includes finding a wholesaler that can provide you with a Certificate of Analysis for each batch of CBD you sell, as states require manufacturers to do. You’ll also want to make sure your insurance company can cover you for liability purposes.