How to Become a Private Security Driver in London

A Private Security Driver is someone who is licensed to drive large commercial vehicles. It can be a very risky job, especially for people with no driving experience. If you are interested in becoming a private security driver in London, you must know that this type of job can be very rewarding and also give you a lot of responsibility. It is a great career as most security jobs are usually well paid and also give the chance to travel around London and other cities. However, if you do not have any driving experience you may need to get some training before applying for a job as a private security driver in London.

Private Security Driver in London

One of the best ways to get training is to enroll yourself in a distance learning course which is usually provided by security firms in London. Although these security firms will only hire their own drivers in the beginning, in the future they will be willing to let others try out their services. As a result, you should take advantage of this opportunity as it will help you build up your credentials and also practice on real clients. In fact, most security drivers already have a number of clientele, which they keep in touch with on a daily basis so it should not be too hard to convince them to allow you to practice driving in London with them.

In order to become a private security driver in London you must also get a valid driving license. Some security companies may also ask you to show them proof of your previous security driving experience in order to ensure your reliability. Private security drivers are allowed to drive trucks and vans and are allowed to drive at speeds over 50mph but you will need to be aware of the speed restrictions in London. If you are chosen by a security firm to drive for them then you will need to abide by their policy, which is often very strict indeed.