How to Apply a Car Banner

car banner

Using a car banner can be a great way to attract attention, give customers a great first impression and communicate your message. Even a simple “Buy Used Cars Here” sign can be a powerful tool to help you stand out from the rest of the car dealerships in your area.

Car banners can also be a great tool for promoting your business, product or service as they are often very large and readable from a distance. They are very versatile and can be applied to a variety of different surfaces, from a car window, door or wall.

Make a Statement with a Custom Car Banner: A Guide to Designing and Installing Banners on Your Vehicle

The first step to applying your banner is to start laying it down on the windshield (with the paper backing still on). Once you have one side down move it around the glass in a vertical direction and press out any air bubbles that may be present. This is a very important step as you want to create a tight fit of the material against the window seal and make cutting off excess later much easier!

Once you have established the center of your banner lift up on the other side and squeegee it from that point as well. Once you have squeegeed out the air bubbles on both sides of your banner it’s time to begin removing the paper back.

After peeling the transfer tape off of the banner it’s time to place your logo decal. Be sure to measure the distance between the logo and the top of the banner to ensure it’s centered. Depending on the size of your windshield it may be necessary to trim off a portion of the banner to fit the window seal.