Disposable Email Domain Detection

disposable email domain detection

Email addresses are essential for a lot of online activities, including purchasing products and services, accessing websites, registering on forums, streaming videos, downloading academic resources such as research papers, and more. Many of these resources and websites require an email address for validation, preventing spam and scams from getting through. However, it’s also common for people to use disposable email domains to avoid being sent too much marketing emails or exposing their real email addresses to security threats and fraudsters.

Disposable email domain detection email domains is an important step in ensuring that a company’s email verification and spam detection solutions are effective. Using email list checkers can help in this case, by checking an email address against known lists of disposable domains.

These lists of disposable domains are compiled by third-party providers, and are available for purchase. To find the right one to use, you should consider factors such as price, coverage, and recency.

Preventing Disposable Email Abuse: Techniques for Effective Disposable Email Domain Detection

The lists of disposable domains can be used by software engineers and testers for testing the email workflow of their products. However, it’s also common for these addresses to be used for questionable and malicious purposes such as phishing or fraud.

In our analysis of these domains, we found that some of them were being used to mimic popular brands, such as Avito (the largest classified ads website in Russia) and PayPal. We also found that several were internationalized domain names (IDNs) and Punycode, which could be used to trick users into mistyping them and becoming victims of a phishing or ransomware campaign.