Bottled Water – Is Bottled Water Pure?

As the summer months approach, many people start to worry about their health and start stocking up on bottled water as an alternative to tap water. The increasing demand for bottled water is often met with eye-opening looks from passersby, curious inquisitive glances, and sometimes curious smiles. They may wonder what all the fuss is about. If they had only a little information about their new friend the “bottled water Drink Cool” they would quickly understand. The main reason that these bottles are so popular is because they taste good, can be used in the refrigerator, and are relatively inexpensive. With a little education you can easily tell the difference between the naturally found minerals in spring and distilled water, and the synthetic taste of most popular brands.

Bottled Water: Is Not That Difficult As You Think

With the assistance of an experienced registered dietitian, navigated through the surprisingly complicated world of bottled water to find exactly what you need to keep your body healthy during the hot summer months. Naturally pure water from nature has always been known to be a great choice in hydration. It is refreshing and contains no chemicals or added flavors, so it is perfect for people who are trying to avoid adding artificial ingredients to their food. Our Voss Artesian Still Water came from the Arnocema mountains of Austria, where the springs are thought to have provided this naturally pure water for centuries. With only ten gallons needed to fill up a 20 gallon pitcher, you never have to worry about running out.

Since bottled water is just a portion of what is consumed each day, you should not expect to have tap water that is 100% clean, however, it is better to have less contamination than none at all. Bottled water has come a long way from its beginning as a novelty item that sold solely by mail order. Now with a little education, you can save money on your bottled water purchases and still receive high quality water, filtered and purified to give you that clean, natural feeling. Whether you are looking for spring fresh mountain spring water, Japanese tea, Australian mineral water, California’s pure water or Europe’s best mineral water, you will find exactly what you want with our exclusive line of bottled water.