Blade Helicopters Are Great For Beginners And Experienced Adults

Blade helicopters are the most exciting and fun RC helicopters to own. Many people who do not yet have a radio controlled helicopter or electric RC airplane simply love the thought of one, but just do not know how to get started. The great thing about these RC airplanes is that you can fly them indoors or outdoors. In fact, some people like to practice their flying skills on the ground before moving up to the more challenging terrain outside. There are many great choices of flying clubs and patterns to choose from in the remote control hobby arena, Melissa Tomkiel and one of the most popular is “blade racing.” This is exactly as it sounds, people fly their RC helicopters and fly them at races, but this time with a much faster speed and higher altitude.

New High Tech Entry Level Helicopter Models Available For Harnessing the Power of Flight

The flyer who does win these races usually wins because they bring home the prize money, and it is not uncommon for the prize to be worth hundreds of dollars. If you want to get started with your own RC hobby, or add to what you already have, there are several options available. Some entry level helicopters are sold for very cheap, and you can often buy these used. These planes may have only been used a few times and the owner decides to put them aside, or they could just be someone who bought them cheap and decided to not repair them, but still enjoy their use.

For those who are looking for a lower cost RC helicopter, the “Spektrum Model R” line of radio controlled airplanes is always a good place to start looking. There are several different models, and all of the Spektrum helicopters come with the option of either gas or electric motors. Even if you opt for an electric model, there are many benefits to having a motor fixed pitch, such as better agility and faster speeds. Another great option with some of the smaller RC helicopters is the ability to lower the wing by simply moving the rudder, which makes getting in and out of a tight area much easier.