Bali Eco Stay – An Eco-Lodge in the Heart of Rural Bali

Bali Eco Stay is a boutique resort situated in the heart of quiet rural Bali. It is surrounded by tranquil rice fields, making it an ideal location to escape from the busy touristy spots that are a mainstay of Bali.

The lodge’s mission is to provide guests with a healthy and sustainable experience during their stay in the resort. It also aims to make an impact on the surrounding environment and local community.

Their commitment to sustainability starts with their use of organic materials in every aspect of the resort including their restaurant, gardens and bathrooms. They also take care of their waste by recycling and composting.

Water conservation is another key factor in their environmental practices. The resort uses pure spring water from Mount Batukaru that is naturally oxygenated and infused with minerals and nutrients.

Food is also sourced locally in order to minimize its environmental impact. They serve a variety of Balinese dishes and vegetarian options are available as well.

Experience Sustainable Living in Bali: A Review of Bali Eco Stay

What’s more, the resort has implemented a recycling program for all waste that is produced on-site. Guests can help contribute to the recycling by purchasing bags from the reception.

Moreover, they have been working closely with local villagers to educate them on the importance of sustainable farming. The hotel also places trash bags around the nearby five villages, which they pick up regularly to reduce the amount of garbage that is left behind.

For the environmentally conscious, there are many eco-lodges to choose from in Bali. These lodges are located in remote locations and are a great way to connect with nature while supporting local communities and supporting ecotourism.