African American Children Books

african american children books

If you want to get your child interested in reading books about diverse cultures, there are several good African American children’s books that are sure to delight them. This selection includes books by acclaimed artists and literary legends, including Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat. These books are full of powerful messages, like the importance of having faith in one’s dreams.

A good place to start is the We Read Too app, which was founded by Kaya Thomas and includes books written by and about people of color. It started as a language school in Rome, and now features Black children’s books as well as other diverse titles. It’s important to note that this app has affiliate links, which make it possible for you to receive discounts if you purchase one of their books.

In the book Swing Sisters by Karen Dean, the story of an all-female swing band is explored. The book’s lyrical prose and inspirational vignettes combine to create an entertaining story that encourages young readers to respect others. The book also teaches kids about sports and the importance of respect for teammates and opponents.

There are also a few books about women who made history. The first African American woman to go into space was Mae Jemison, who had a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. By pursuing her dream, she paved the way for the next generation to achieve that dream. In addition, Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat collaborated on a children’s book about courage. These books are well worth a look.